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Addressing The Complexities Of Same-Sex Family Law Disputes

The world is changing. Laws are changing. The recent Supreme Court ruling about gay marriage means that LGBT couples are allowed to marry in many states, and Arkansas must recognize those marriages as legal. That also means that LGBT couples living in Arkansas, either married or in a recognized domestic partnership, also have legal rights and obligations in matters of divorce, property rights and child custody issues.

If you are in an LGBT relationship in Arkansas and are facing a family problem, talk to a lawyer with experience handling complex dissolution issues. Family law attorney Tylar Tapp has experience in all types of divorce, custody, property and domestic relations matters.

Same-Sex Marriage And Domestic Relations: A New And Complex Area Of Law

LGBT divorce and family law issues are still relatively new in Arkansas. New case law is happening every day. Although LGBT spouses are subject to the same legal issues as any other divorcing couples, many of their disputes are unique to their circumstances. This is often true in the area of child custody, when one spouse has a biological child from a prior marriage or relationship and the stepparent is seeking parenting rights.

Mr. Tapp understands the complexities involved and will work hard toward a resolution, either through skillful negotiations, mediation sessions or court, if trial becomes necessary.

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