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Protecting Your Record From Drug DWI Charges

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) isn’t restricted to intoxication by alcohol. If a police officer suspects your erratic driving behavior was the result of any type of intoxication, you may be pulled over and charged. That includes legal medications you may have in your system.

To determine if the drug is in your system, Law Enforcement use several techniques including DRE field test, blood test, and urine test. Each of these techniques is only effective in determining intoxication if proper procedure is followed and adequate and appropriate testing occurs.

If you have been charged with drug DWI in Arkansas, get legal help right away. At Tapp Law Firm, we work hard to do all we can to reduce or dismiss the charges and help you keep your record clean. We investigate everything, from the probable cause for making the traffic stop, to the administration of the field sobriety test, and the results of the blood or alcohol test.

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