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Defend Your Right To Child Custody And Modifications

When children are involved, it tends to be the only thing divorcing couples focus on. There will be disputes regarding custody, visitation and support. It is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced Arkansas lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

Since 1998, Tapp Law Firm has provided legal advice and representation to residents throughout Arkansas in family law matters. We understand that the best interests of the children of divorce are a priority. It is our goal to balance the goals of the parents with the needs of the children. Count on us to work through disputes in divorce mediation as much as possible. If a compromise cannot be reached through mediation, we are comfortable representing our clients in court.

We handle many high-conflict child custody cases, such as cases involving sexual abuse allegations, domestic violence, or drug or alcohol abuse where limitations on the parent-child relationship are being sought, such as no contact, limited contact or supervised contact between parent and child. These cases are often highly complex, and it is critical that they be managed strategically from the very beginning of the case. Trust us to perform a thorough investigation of your situation and provide valuable insight as to your best course of action.

To learn more about child custody, visit our custody FAQ page.

Experienced Modifications Attorney In Hot Springs, Serving Arkansas

It is not uncommon for changes in life circumstances to occur after a divorce has been finalized. The loss of a job, desire for relocation or changing needs of a growing child can all lead to a necessary modification of the divorce judgment. Do not attempt to work through these modifications with your ex-spouse. Verbal agreements, unfortunately, cannot be enforced through the court system. Discuss your changing needs with an attorney.

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