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Pedestrian struck and killed by cars in Little Rock crash

As everyone knows, traffic in downtown Little Rock gets hectic, especially during business hours on weekdays. Drivers are often far too eager to race through intersections, even when traffic lights are yellow or have just turned red. Sometimes people get away with such reckless behavior and other times their recklessness generates tragedy.

That might well be the case in a recent crash at the intersection of West 6th Street and Broadway. A pedestrian was struck and killed when two vehicles slammed into each other and then went onto the sidewalk where she stood.

The role of drug recognition experts in a DWI with drugs

Not every DWI stop that takes place involves alcohol. Even taking medications prescribed by your doctor can result in an arrest for driving while intoxicated with drugs (DWI Drugs). However, as you can imagine, determining whether drugs impair an individual can be problematic.

As a result, law enforcement agencies across the country and here in Arkansas may use a 12-step protocol created to help police officers make this determination. The protocol attempts to determine whether a medical condition or drugs allegedly impair a driver. If a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) suspects drugs, it supposedly helps identify what types of drugs the driver may have used. Ordinarily, only certain officers in a department take the training necessary to serve as a DRE.

Mediation could make your divorce go more smoothly

Does the thought of letting a judge decide your post-divorce future make you cringe? You aren't alone. Numerous other Arkansas couples realize that they don't want to put their futures in the hands of a judge when it comes to creating a financially secure future.

This could at least partially explain the increase in divorce mediation. It allows couples like you and your soon-to-be former spouse to retain control over the outcome and the decision-making process. It allows the two of you to work together and lay the foundation for a more friendly post-divorce relationship, which could come in handy if you will continue to raise children together.

Whether you need guidance through divorce, a personal injury lawsuit or any other of our practice areas, we encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible: 501-623-9800

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