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Trucker fatigue can lead to serious accidents

A smaller vehicle is no match for the large size and heavier weight of a commercial vehicle or semi-trailer in a collision. Even a low-speed collision can ultimately result in extensively damaged vehicles and personal injury. One of the leading reasons for these types of accidents is truck driver fatigue, which is a problem in the trucking industry.

Truckers have to work long hours, and they sometimes may feel pressure to drive longer than they should by their employers. This can lead to a person who cannot keep his or her eyes open or make smart decisions behind the wheel. Fatigue can be dangerous for any type of driver, but it can be especially hazardous when a fatigued driver  is behind the wheel of a vehicle that is much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. 

Are pot breathalyzers accurate?

The introduction and initial applications of the breathalyzer brought controversy and confusion. Dating back to the 1930s, the device in its early stages left more questions than answers over its accuracy and the appropriate legal limits that would reveal a driver's intoxication. 

Previously a police officer's first-hand testimony would carry weight to determine the commission of a crime. Trusting a device over a seasoned law enforcement professional seemed unlikely. In spite of technological advances, the modern-day breathalyzer remains controversial. The results can mean the difference between guilt and innocence. 

The True Cost of Fast Deliveries

Not satisfied with being the top online retailer, Amazon continues to take steps to outdo themselves and keep competitors at maximum arm length. A vast inventory of products is not enough. They want to ensure that they get those items to their customers quicker than their competitors.

The Need For More Speed

You can't predict divorce, or can you?

Things have been rough between you and your spouse for some time now. You've talked to a few close friends, and each has offered advice. One recommended seeing a licensed marriage counselor with your spouse. Another heard issues in your conversation that sounded similar to his or her own experience and suggested divorce.

Perhaps those thoughts had already crossed your mind. Only you can determine if your relationship with your spouse can bounce back or if it has run its course. Even when the latter is true, many Arizona spouses choose to stay together anyway, sometimes for the sake of their kids, other times because of their personal belief systems. Whether you stay or file for divorce is up to you, and if certain issues seem to point in that direction, you'll want to build a strong support network from the start.

Three Ways To Save Money During Divorce

Sometimes couples who would otherwise be ready for divorce hesitate because they fear the expense. While it is true that the process of divorce can create financial uncertainty, there are certain steps that couples can take to help ensure they save as much money as possible in the process.

Mediation Versus Litigation

Baby boomers and divorce: How high are the stakes?

Many people today fear getting married because divorce statistics are so bleak. The fact that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce is a scary thought. As if this isn't bad enough, there are a few other depressing statistics. For example, daughters of divorced parents have a 60 percent higher chance of their marriage ending in divorce than daughters whose parents stayed together. Sons of divorced parents have a 35 percent greater chance. One shocking divorce statistic involves baby boomers. Research has shown that the divorce rate for people 50 years of age and older has doubled since 1990. The divorce rate for couples over the age of 65 has tripled since 1990. Divorce within this age group has become so common that it has been dubbed “gray divorce.”


The Default Diss on Divorced Dads

There was a time when a call from a teacher or principal represented something that kids feared. For many men who are now divorced fathers, a ringing phone from their child’s school would be a welcome sound.

Divorce divides one household and creates two separate residences. At every step of the marital dissolution process, the focus remains on the best interests of children. However, divorced spouses are entitled to the same level of care as they face an uncertain and sometimes unfair future.

Hacking Cars: A Dangerous Game to Play

Hacking has come a long way from bypassing high-level government firewalls to “play a game.” Online security companies throughout the country tout their ability to protect identities and information stored on laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Yet, one of the most powerful and pricey consumer product having online access has become fodder for hackers.

Student loans weigh heavily on married couples

As the 2020 election draws closer, many candidates discuss student loans and their solutions to the growing debt problem for Americans. However, most people experience the crippling effects of student debt right now.

Many couples consider student debt when they get married, so it makes sense they have to consider the same debt during a divorce. But how are student loans addressed during a separation?

Keeping the family business during a divorce

Everyone goes into marriage with the best intentions, similar to the plans they have when starting a business. No one wants a marriage to fail, but it happens far too often. It means entrepreneurs need to consider how their marriage may influence business. Luckily, there are during a nasty divorce.

Maintain proper business practices, including incorporating

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