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High Asset Divorce

How to leave a long-term marriage

Marriage is a lifetime commitment for some couples. You work every day to make your marriage work through the best and worst times of your life. However, some marriages aren’t meant for a lifetime – no matter how much work you put into them. Leaving a...

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The Default Diss on Divorced Dads

There was a time when a call from a teacher or principal represented something that kids feared. For many men who are now divorced fathers, a ringing phone from their child’s school would be a welcome sound. Divorce divides one household and creates two separate...

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Dividing up a 401k

The decision to get a divorce in Hot Springs touches off a flurry of activity that must occur before a marriage is officially dissolved. Among the most complex processes (and potentially most contentious) is the division of marital property. Many often overlook the...

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