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Minimizing divorce’s impact on the kids

In an Arkansas divorce, parents will often hear the phrase "best interests of the children" during the proceedings. The court knows how children can be negatively affected from their parents separating and try to aim for a result that provides the best living...

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Is a divorce trial necessary?

Divorce cases in Arkansas may end in a settlement agreement. This is the situation that often works best for all involved for a number of reasons. However, sometimes couples are forced to consider whether they need to take the case further. In some cases, a trial may...

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In a divorce, some details are overlooked

In an Arkansas divorce, it can be the overlooked details that can hold up signing the agreement at the last minute. Property division and custody are usually the most difficult things to settle, but there are other things that can cause consternation. One of the...

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Older Americans more likely to get divorced now

Getting a divorce in Arkansas and throughout the country can be an emotional process no matter how old you are. However, while the divorce rate has leveled off or declined for most Americans, it actually increased for those who are over the age of 50. Between 1990 and...

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How to help children handle divorce

Parents of minor children who are considering divorce often worry about the effect on their children. Although the statistics can be grim, parents in Arkansas can mitigate the harm to their children by following the advice of child psychiatrists when handling issues...

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