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In a divorce, some details are overlooked

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Divorce |

In an Arkansas divorce, it can be the overlooked details that can hold up signing the agreement at the last minute. Property division and custody are usually the most difficult things to settle, but there are other things that can cause consternation. One of the issues that people may fail to consider is life insurance.

In a divorce, figuring out life insurance coverage can be a challenging issue that people may not fully consider. The first consideration is how much coverage one needs to get. The divorce agreement will require one or both parties to have coverage in a certain amount. However, deciding on the amount can be difficult, especially in light of the need to forecast the costs of raising children or providing for an ex-spouse many years in the future.

Another challenging issue is that fact that the cost of a policy can increase over time as the insured gets older. Not only that, but people may even have a hard time being approved for a life insurance policy if they develop certain health conditions. These all must be considered at the time the divorce agreement is signed because there may not be an opportunity to address these issues later. However, people in the middle of a divorce are not necessary thinking about insurance when their life is in upheaval.

A divorce attorney may help keep their client focused on the details even when the client is preoccupied with other issues relating to the divorce. This includes matters like life insurance that require some foresight and planning. When people are going through a divorce, they might benefit from the advice of counsel so that they can spend time focusing on the other changes in their life and the lives of their children.