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Protecting Fathers’ Rights To Their Children

Even though recent trends and legislative changes have attempted to level the playing field between mothers and fathers, many fathers must battle the historic notion that children simply belong with the mother. Our firm has the experience necessary to fight on the fathers’ behalf to ensure his rights are protected through custody or visitation hearings.

We have guided numerous clients through a broad range of family law matters. We understand the frustration that many fathers feel when fighting to receive fair treatment through the court system. If you are a father facing an uphill battle in your divorce, it is crucial that you work with a skilled Arkansas lawyer to ensure you are properly represented through mediation and divorce litigation.

Arkansas Paternity Attorney In Hot Springs

A significant number of fathers’ rights cases arise for children born out of wedlock. We have handled cases involving fathers’ rights through divorce as well as fathers seeking non married custodial rights. Through a paternity action, the court can ultimately recognize the rights of the father. With this recognition, we can fight for fathers’ rights in terms of child custody or visitation. If you are seeking custodial rights to your child, establishing paternity is an essential first step. Contact our firm to learn more about the process, and how Tapp Law Firm can help.

Where Can Fathers Seek Legal Help?

If you have questions regarding fathers’ rights, contact Tapp Law Firm at 501-623-9800 or by completing our online contact form.