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Protecting You From Domestic Violence

Divorce, child custody and spousal maintenance disagreements between spouses often bring out the worst in people. Unfortunately, it is a reality that domestic assaults among divorcing spouses often greatly increase.

If you are the victim of domestic violence in Arkansas, you have the right to seek legal protection by petitioning the court for an emergency order of protection or other form of injunction. If you are in immediate danger, a judge may issue a temporary ex parte injunction against your abuser the same day the petition is filed.

Temporary or permanent orders of protection may be sought if you are in danger of:

  • Physical harm or bodily injury by battery
  • Direct or indirect verbal assault
  • Sexual abuse against you or your child
  • Stalking or threatening physical presence

Hiring A Lawyer May Help Your Petition Move Through The System Faster

Contact attorney Tylar Tapp at Tapp Law Firm in Hot Springs. We will immediately start the process of seeking a restraining order to keep away your spouse, ex-spouse or any person who may be threatening you with violence.

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