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Understanding Breathalyzer And Field Sobriety Tests

Tapp Law Firm assists Arkansas residents facing serious DWI charges. You may be charged with DWI for alcohol, illegal drug use, and even prescription drug use. If unaddressed, a DWI charge may lead to serious consequences. It can result in jail, fines, loss of employment, loss of the ability to drive, and many other significant penalties. It is important to understand how field sobriety tests and breathalyzer tests operate so that you know how to defend your rights during a traffic stop.

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Can You Refuse Field Sobriety And Breathalyzer Tests?

Police officers request a field sobriety test if they have reason to suspect that you are driving under the influence. They may ask you to balance on one leg, walk and turn on a line or analyze your ability to focus on a moving object.

Under Arkansas law, you may refuse to perform field sobriety tests. It is entirely legal to refuse a field sobriety test. The officer may ask you to take a portable breathalyzer test. It is again entirely legal to refuse a portable breathalyzer test. The only time you must submit to a breathalyzer test is at the station after you have typically been arrested.

Remember that anything you say to an officer during your field sobriety or breathalyzer tests may be used against you as evidence. Do not say anything to a police officer without the counsel of a lawyer.

How Can An Attorney Help Your Case?

Tylar can evaluate the processes and results of your field sobriety tests to look for areas of weakness. Frayed nerves during a traffic stop, an officer’s preconceived analysis of your sobriety level and other circumstances may influence the results of your test. Just because you were charged with DWI does not make you guilty. We strive to have questionable results dismissed, and to protect you from severe repercussions.

Tapp Law Firm has in-depth understanding of the DWI system. We can explain the processes at work behind your charges, possible case outcomes and develop innovative strategies to dismiss or mitigate penalties.

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