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Winter weather driving tips to keep you safe

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Whether you’re traveling across states or just across town this holiday season, you want to make sure you and your family remain safe. This can be especially challenging during harsh winter weather, which can create disastrous driving conditions for all motorists. Fortunately, the following winter driving tips can help you stay safe and secure when behind the wheel.

AAA recommends taking care when driving in the snow. For instance, when going uphill try to build inertia as opposed to pressing the gas while going up an incline. Chances are this will only cause your wheels to spin, which could lead to skidding. Also, try to keep a distance of about eight to ten seconds between yourself and other vehicles. That way you’ll be able to stop in time if the vehicle in front of you encounters an issue.

Because roads can be slick when covered with snow, it’s best to slow down. With inclement weather, it’s OK to go under the speed limit when necessary. You also want to take care when accelerating or decelerating. If the weather is too bad where you live, consider postponing your trip or staying at home. Even if you maintain safe habits other drivers may not be as careful.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also recommends being well prepared for winter weather by stocking your car. Make sure you have supplies like ice scrapers, sand or salt for traction, and warning triangles and road flares in case you break down. It’s also a good idea to stock your vehicle with extra clothing and warm blankets in the event you are stranded and must wait for help. Additionally, having your car serviced before long trips will apprise you of any issues that could lead to a breakdown.