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Batesville collision kills one, injures another

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Most might assume that when the person who causes a car accident in Hot Springs dies from injuries sustained in it, the whole affair is over. No one may be around to assign liability to, so what is the point in pursuing the case other than to be vindictive. Yet what is lost in this assumption is that car accidents often involve multiple people, and the actions of a decedent may leave many facing expenses that cannot adequately be covered by compensation from an insurance company. What then are accident victims to do?

A recent crash that occurred in Batesville may demonstrate how people can be left needing to pursue compensation from one who is no longer around to provide it. A young man is currently being treated for injuries sustained when the pickup truck he was driving in was hit by another vehicle. The truck was traveling northbound on Arkansas Highway 233 when a car suddenly veered from the southbound lanes right into its path. The car then struck the truck before coming to a stop in a ditch. Authorities are still trying to discover what caused the woman who was driving the car to lose control. She was killed in the collision. The condition of the driver of the truck was not reported.

With the driver no longer alive to provide compensation if the young man injured in this accident (and others like him) need it, one might think that such parties have no method of recourse. In reality, they can actually seek compensation from the estates of those responsible. Those looking to do this may first want to secure the services of an experienced attorney.