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How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

Tylar knows that when we leave our house each morning, send our kids out to play, go for a bike ride, take a cruise on the lake, or enter a store to shop, we don’t expect our lives to change because someone was careless. He learned this lesson when he was just 16 years old coming home from a friend’s when a drunk driver crossed the center line, destroying Tylar’s car, and almost taking his life. He experienced how insurance companies try to force unfair settlements and how the innocent often need effective, competent and compassionate representation.

After a serious injury, you may face medical bills, lingering health concerns and be unable to return to work. You may be overwhelmed with the insurance claim process, and unsure of what steps you should take next. Experienced legal counsel may be necessary.

While most lawyers fear going inside a courtroom, that is where Tylar likes to be. He will prepare your case with the same skill and thorough preparation, whether your case is resolved by trial in a courtroom, or by settlement in an office. Tapp Law Firm compassionately advises Arkansas injury victims in the wake of an accident. We understand your concerns, and provide you the assistance you need to pursue compensation and physical recovery.

If you were injured due to another party’s negligence, call Tapp Law Firm for a free consultation at 501-623-9800.

Knowledgeable Guidance With Insurance Claims

After an injury, contact a lawyer before you speak with an insurance representative. Insurance companies will attempt to either dismiss the validity of your claim or make lowball offers to further their financial interests. Tapp Law Firm can provide counsel on interacting with insurance agents, and pursue maximum compensation in the wake of your accident.

Skilled Negotiation, Aggressive Litigation

Not everyone wants to go to trial. Given the nature of your accident, it may be in your best interest to settle the case prior to filing the lawsuit, through mediation, or to assert your rights at trial. Attorney Tapp has the experience of locally practicing law. He employs the resolution strategy that can provide you with the best case outcome. We understand how to approach a personal injury case, and how to interact with all involved parties, including other lawyers, insurance companies, witnesses, judges and the jury.

Contact Our Firm For Experienced Representation

If you are seriously injured due to another individual’s negligence, contact Tapp Law Firm for a free case consultation. We will carefully evaluate your accident and advise you on next steps.

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