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Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accidents

If you were seriously injured on a motorcycle or a loved one died in a fatal motorcycle accident in Arkansas, do you know your rights? The negligent driver who “just didn’t see” you is nonetheless fully accountable for your losses. Tapp Law Firm will tenaciously pursue the necessary action to take care of you and your family. Our motorcycle accident lawyer wants you to focus on getting well, while we focus on getting justice.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney With Offices Located In Hot Springs

Tylar Tapp provides aggressive, experienced representation to injured motorcyclists throughout the state of Arkansas. Through negotiated settlements or jury trial, he has secured rightful compensation for hundreds of motorcycle and bike crash victims.

Were You Blamed For Your Motorcycle Injuries?

It’s almost always the case that the other driver simply failed to see a motorcyclist while turning left, changing lanes or pulling into an intersection. Yet motorcycle operators are often blamed as reckless daredevils, despite operating in a safe and legal manner.

By investigating and reconstructing the crash scene with the aid of experts, and personally interviewing witnesses, motorcycle accident attorney Tylar Tapp gets to the bottom of who was really at fault. In many instances, the other driver is found to have caused the accident through negligence such as:

  • Rear-ending the motorcyclist while talking on a cellphone
  • Failing to leave sufficient room when following or changing lanes
  • Cutting the motorcyclist off when turning left
  • Running a motorcyclist into the ditch or onto a gravel shoulder off the road

Serious Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

In four of every five motorcycle accidents, the operator or passenger is seriously hurt. Due to the lack of protection, catastrophic injuries are common, and many crashes are fatal. Tylar Tapp fully understands the medical and legal complications clients endure when suffering from a serious injury, such as a spinal injury or a head injury. We pursue every source of insurance or liability to pay for the long-term care and profound personal losses of a permanently disabling accident or wrongful death.

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