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Field sobriety test accuracy rates

If you are like most people who live in Arkansas, you have probably heard about some tests that are administered by police officers when they suspect a driver might be drunk. These tests, called field sobriety tests, require people to do things like balance on one leg or walk in a line. Understanding what is involved in these tests and how accurate they really are is important for any driver in the state.

Preliminary alcohol screenings explained

The common image that comes to mind when people in Hot Springs contemplate the term "field sobriety tests" is likely that of one blowing into a handheld breath testing device. Yet do such devices themselves constitute field sobriety tests, or do they meet the standard if chemical testing (which everyone is required to submit to due to the state's implied consent law)? The answer is that such a test technically does not qualify as either. 

What happens when a driver refuses a sobriety test?

Uncertainty and doubt surrounding the work ethic of law enforcement officers across the nation not only applies to officers' use of force, but to the use of field sobriety tests. Some drivers feel they have been treated unfairly when pulled over, and others even claim the need for the tests were unfounded altogether. While drunk driving laws exist to keep everyone safe, many Arkansas drivers express confusion when it comes to these complex and intimidating tests.

What is a field sobriety test?

Has your designated driver ever decided to join the party and leave you holding the bag after you have had a few drinks yourself? Whether you live here in Arkansas or across the country, it is not an uncommon occurrence. With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, you can bet it happens to at least a few revelers in the next few weeks. If it happens to you, think twice about your ability to drive, even if you stop drinking early so you can ensure friends get home after the party.

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