Lawyer For Paternity In Hot Springs

If you are a parent of a child born outside of wedlock, it is important to know your rights. In Arkansas, simply being on a birth certificate does not make you the legal father or give you the rights you want to see your child. You will want to know who has custody of the child and what rights the other parent may have. Tylar Tapp at Tapp Law Firm can help you answer these difficult questions and ensure you have a healthy active relationship with your child.

Before you can get awarded a court order to receive child support payments from the father of your child, you will need to establish paternity. If the father is not willing to submit to DNA testing voluntarily, a court order may be necessary.

If the father of your child resides in Arkansas and you need to establish paternity, talk to Tylar Tapp at Tapp Law Firm. Mr. Tapp has been helping people through paternity litigation for more than 17 years. He knows what records and evidence you will need to gather and will move your petition through the courts as efficiently as possible.


Whether you are seeking a court order for a paternity test or need help establishing paternity to obtain child custody, Tapp Law Firm can help. Call us at 501-623-9800 to discuss your paternity litigation with Mr. Tapp by phone or arrange a free confidential office consultation. You may also submit an email to request a return call or message to arrange a meeting with attorney Tapp as soon as possible.