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Choosing The Right Attorney — A Personal Note From Tylar Tapp

Born and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I have spent my entire legal career protecting the rights and well-being of people here and in surrounding communities. My firm takes tremendous pride in adding innovation and versatility to our practice. Below are just some of the ways we are a new breed of law firm.

  • We are not an old-school law firm that provides the same cookie-cutter solution to every client. We customize our approach to suit each client's individual needs.
  • We are powerful advocates. We are litigators first and foremost. Tylar's years of courtroom and trial experience allow us to skillfully litigate even the most complex matter.
  • We are both professional and personable. Clients often say they feel at ease around us and are comfortable talking openly about their cases, but also can feel confident that we will get the job done.
  • We take an open and honest approach to communication. In today's climate of political correctness and a fear of offending someone, we take the approach of giving an open and honest assessment of the situation. It is our job to give the client our true assessment and never focus simply on what a client wants to hear.
  • We have a reasonable but effective approach. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients, not to litigate unnecessarily, waste their valuable time and money, or take other actions that do not serve their best interests.

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